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Our Team

Coastal Equities, Inc.

Name Position Connect Bigraphy
Charles F. Reiling III, Esq. President and CEO
Matthew D. Rakerd Vice President
Francis J. Skinner Chief Compliance Officer
David J. Monahan Chief Financial Officer
Aileen DeFroda Vice President, Supervision
Ross B. Fronk Vice President, Supervision
Candice Gilman Compliance Manager
John F. McNichol Fixed Income Trader and Municipal Principal
Kenneth Fischer Accounting
Daniel Foraker Supervision
Phinon Woodside Executive Operations Specialist
Barbara A. Trimbur Operations Associate
Charlie M. Sobel Supervisory Principal, Trading & Operations
Catherine J. Fischer Operations Associate
Daniel C. Rhoads Tech Support
Eric Lauk Junior Bond Trader
Nancy C. Schwart AML Officer & Rep Support
Sandra L. Fries Operations & Compliance Associate

Coastal Insurance Consulting, LLC

Name Position Connect Bigraphy
Mike Driscoll President
Brendon P. Healy Consultant
Kieran B. Cannon Consultant
Tom P. O’Keefe New Business Administrator

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