Katie Nutt

MBD Operations Coordinator



Katie joined Coastal after serving for seven years at a MBD firm where she mastered the logistics and documentation of financial investing. She was the point person for Investor Relations, document processing, and quality control, and also took part in banking, bookkeeping, FINRA audits, and broker-dealer communications. She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Montgomery College.

Katie helps our reps get the answers they need in order to efficiently and correctly carry on with their important endeavors, always doing her absolute best and acting with kindness. She believes collaboration and efficiency are key ingredients for team wide success.

Outside of the office, Katie loves to read, go on walks, and take care of her houseplants. She is also a big baseball fan, always cheering on the Baltimore Orioles. She has been married to her husband, John, for 35 years and together they have a son named Christopher who lives in Berlin, Germany.

What is something intriguing that many people may not know about you?
I spent 10 years working at a Nuclear Power Plant.

Do you have any interesting goals for how you’ll spend your retirement years?
I’m surely hoping to be a grandmother and would love to be chasing little ones around. Also, I very much want to go to Iceland.