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Leitner LH240 Single-Ear Easy Connect Headset

Leitner LH240 Single-Ear Easy Connect Headset
  • Easy Connect cord plugs directly into your telephone’s headset jack
  • Save money and desk space – no amplifier needed!
  • Noise-canceling microphone blocks out unwanted background racket
  • Adjustable headband guarantees a comfortable fit
  • Reversible wearing style means you can wear it on whatever side suits you best!
  • Totally ridiculous 5-year warranty full-replacement warranty

These days, many phones have a built-in headset jack, and that’s where the LH240 Easy Connect comes in. The Easy Connect cord allows you to plug your headset directly into most phones, saving you the desk space that an amplifier takes up, and not to mention a few bucks as well.

Plus, the LH240 can take some punishment. Wear it, drop it, drop it again – the LH240 is built to last. It’s backed with a completely ridiculous 5-year full-replacement warranty.

Work in a noisy office? Noise-canceling and wideband audio shuts outs all that background racket, so your caller hears you and you only.

Does half of your face look better than the other side? The LH240 is completely adjustable from headband to mic. Wear it on the left side, right side, upside down, with a silly hat, whatever you like.

Our price: $145.14 – Purchase this headset

Leitner LH245 Dual-Ear Easy Connect Headset

Leitner LH245 Dual-Ear Easy Connect Headset
  • Plug the most universally compatible headset in the world directly into your telephone’s headset jack!
  • Dual-ear ensures you’re able to stay focused on your callers
  • Totally ridiculous 5-year warranty is the longest of any headset!
  • Flexible headband is virtually unbreakable
  • Noise-canceling ensures you sound crystal clear to everyone

Designed for office phones with a headset jack, the Leitner LH245 Dual-Ear Easy Connect Bundle comes ready to plug in and go. With no amplifier needed, you’ll save money and valuable real estate on your desk!

The LH245 works with 99% of desk phones and headset accessories. Like a lovable golden lab, it gets along with everyone.

Wear it, drop it, drop it again – the LH245 is built to last, with an absolutely ridiculous, industry-leading 5-year full-replacement warranty.

The LH245 is noise-canceling meaning your callers won’t be able to hear any background office gossip, outside construction, or war drums.

Dual-Ear means added focus and comfort. No matter what’s going on in the office, you’ll easily remain tuned in to your important calls.

Our price: $169.03 – Purchase this headset

Leitner LH270 Single-Ear Wireless Headset

Leitner LH270 Single-Ear Wireless Headset
  • Our #1 best-selling wireless office headset
  • Light, comfortable, and adjustable headband lets you customize your perfect fit
  • UniBase® technology allows you to conference your landline and VoIP calls together
  • Enhanced DECT Level A Security keeps your call private. Feel comfortable knowing that your voice will only be heard by your caller
  • Walk up to 350 feet from your desk, (the length of a football field) and stay connected to your call
  • 5-year full-replacement warranty – five times the length of a standard wireless telephone headset. It even covers the battery!

Thinking about going wireless? The LH270 is an exceptional choice. On top of everything you’d expect from a wireless headset (350-foot range and 8-hour talk time), it’s designed for all-day wearing. With a leatherette ear cushion and a light adjustable headband, you can customize your own wearing style for maximum comfort.

The LH270 gives you complete peace-of-mind. It’s covered by a 5-year, full-replacement warranty. That’s five times the length of a standard wireless headset!

UniBase® technology lets you conference landline calls with softphones (think Skype). So you can chat to your old-fashioned and tech-savvy colleagues on the same line.

Enhanced DECT Security level A ensures complete privacy on your calls. No need to worry about sneaky or uninvited listeners.

Our price: $275.45 – Purchase this headset

Leitner LH275 Dual-Ear Wireless Headset

Leitner LH275 Dual-Ear Wireless Headset
  • With an incredibly comfy dual-ear wearing style, you’ll forget you’re wearing a headset at all!
  • Conference Skype and landline calls together with UniBase® technology
  • 5-year full-replacement warranty – 5 times as long as a standard wireless headset
  • Enhanced DECT Security level A keeps your calls confidential
  • Pair an extra headset to your base for easy conference calls or training
  • Up to 350 feet of wireless range

If you’re looking to go wireless and you want something that’s comfy and durable, the LH275 is an excellent choice!

Offices can be loud and distracting, and when you’re on the phone, focus is essential. The LH275 covers both ears and tunes out distractions for maximum concentration. Plus, the LH275 features leatherette ear cushions, and an adjustable headband so you can customize your perfect fit.

UniBase® technology makes for easy conferencing, whether you’re on your office phone or computer. You can conference landline calls with Skype calls (or any other softphone) together without hassle. Save money on international calls, and use your preferred means of communication wherever you are.

You’ll get up to 8 hours of talk time from one charge. If the battery does run out, take a short break and your LH275 will be fully charged and ready to go in under one hour. But is the battery replaceable? Of course, and that’s covered by the 5-year warranty too.

The LH275 features Enhanced DECT Security Level A Technology. For you Doctors and Lawyers who require ultimate privacy, you’re assured with 100% confidentiality on calls without risk of villains listening in.

Our price: $296.15 – Purchase this headset

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